1000 Targeted Facebook Group Members Within 4 Days

I am about to share a secret with you that will allow you to grow your Facebook group by about 1000 members in less than 4 days.

This method requires software that I will give you access to and is also a little risky. For a safer method please check out this method.

I`m also going to give you access to the software that I use when I do this. This very simple fast and powerful method will help you explode your Facebook group, more activity more shares and more likes over night.

Step 1

Download This Software

Step 2

Install the software and take up the 5 day free trial.

Step 3

Login to your Facebook account with the software and open the group joiner then set the software to search for groups via keywords that are suited to your own group.

Step 4

Once the software has found groups that are related to your group by keyword you must then set the software to start joining the biggest groups by selecting them to be joined and then starting the software.

Step 5

Go and make a cup of tea and wait for the software to request to join all of the groups it may take a while because of the delay. The delay is needed though to stop your being banned from joining groups.

Step 6

Turn off the software when finished and wait for 24 hours until lots of the join requests have been accepted.

Step 7

This should be day 2. Take the link of your group and post it onto your own time line to see how the header image appears. You should make sure that it is presented nicely when shared and if not then move and change the image until it appears in an inviting way when shared.

Step 8

When you are happy that the group link appears correctly when shared its time to get some members.

Step 9

Start the software again and go into the link posted application. Set the software to post to all groups with a 90 second to 200 second delay between posts and set it to post your group link.

Step 10

Press the start button and then sit back and relax. You will now see that your Facebook group is being posted in other groups with large member bases and all directly related to your group.

Whats the worst that can happen.

The worst thing that can happen when you use this method is that your account can be banned from posting in groups for 2 weeks.

Also your group can be flagged as spam and sharing any content from your group will be subject to passing a Captcha test meaning that you will not be able to use this method again for 3 months.

The last thing that can happen here is that Facebook can revoke access to your account from the computer that has the software installed and they will require you to download their own antivirus which is actually a download from Facebook that checks your computer for auto posting software. If this happens you must download their antivirus, let it check and then you are allowed to log in again.

This does not effect your access from your mobile phone or other devices only the computer that you used to auto post.

Should you do this to get Facebook group members.

Yes it works but its risky and for the sake of 1000 members is it worth it. You are far better off spending a few dollars and buying Facebook group members from us at the best prices on line and 100% safe.

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