Add All Friends To Facebook Group

It is still possible to add all of your friends to your Facebook group and we have just made it even easier. If you use google chrome from a desktop of laptop device then we have the perfect answer to your question.

To add all of your friends to your group simply add this extension to your chrome browser. ADD ALL FACEBOOK FRIENDS TO GROUP and once you have added the extension you just need to go to your Facebook group and click the nice new shiny B button that just appeared in your browser next to the address bar.

The chrome plugin will start to very quickly add your friends to your group. The extension is set to stop as soon as your account gets limited from adding. Stopping before the limit is pointless because you still can not actually use your account for adding for the next 24 hours any way so you may as well add as many as possible while you can.

The next day you can use the extension again if you still have not added all of your friends. Adding all of your friends to your group is now faster than ever but the real power comes from getting your friends to add their friends to your group for you as well. If you have lots of real friends and you can get a few of them to help you out with your group then you can soon se your group growing by on average 2500 members per day.

Facebook groups are still a very powerful tool in your social media marketing arsenal and you should take advantage of them while they are still relatively easy to develop compared to the other options.

You can get the extension from the chrome store by clicking this link.

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