Adding Friends To Facebook Groups 2019

The previous potential of facebook groups to be grown litterally over night by adding 1000s of people from your friends lists, has slowly over the past 4 years been decreased right up to the point we are at today where adding people directly to facebook groups is no longer possible.

For years facebook have been restricting adding methods in various ways. They tried banning accounts, they tried restricting groups. They have tried limiting the amount of people a single account could add, they also tried marking groups that wore being added to quickly and instantly banning any account that added to it after.

Recently in 2018 facebook decided to restrict certain groups that had been added to very quickly by making them invite only. Facebook discovered that this is a very effective way of stopping people growing their groups too fast without restricting any accounts and causing user inconveniencs. Now in 2019 Facebook have fully adopted the INVITE ONLY strategy and completely killed off any possibility of adding your friends to a facebook group.

This has eliminated nearly all Facebook Group Member sellers completely. Now the only way that you can add people to a facebook group is by inviting them and getting about a 5% success rate on your efforts. This means that the previous potential of adding 100k plus members is now dropped down to just a few thousand and you need many 100s of 1000s of friends on multiple accounts to do this.

Our facebook group members service is now down to maximum 1000 Facebook group members per order and maximum 5 orders of 1000 per group.

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