Before You Buy Facebook Friends

Buying Facebook friends is a very fast and effective way to get new real friends on Facebook, increase post interaction and all round make yourself more popular. Though there are a few things to consider before you buy Facebook friends.

Make Sure That You Buy Real Facebook Friends.

The easiest ans safest way to make sure that you are actually buying real Facebook Friends and not just a load of fake friends requests is to order from here. BUY FACEBOOK FRIENDS from 100% real guaranteed.

We deliver by suggestion and promotion, in a safe way at a safe speed, your account will be promoted to 10,000s of real people and only the ones that actually want to add you will add you. No bots.

Look Your Best

When you buy real Facebook friends then you need to consider that the people are actually REAL and they will look at your profile and your profile picture before they decide to add you. So look at your own profile and your own profile picture and think to your self “Would I Add Me?”.

If the answer is yes then you are going to get best results, if the answer is no then you will need to make your profile and picture look as appealing and exciting as possible.

Privacy Settings

If you are going to buy Facebook friends then you need to ensure that it is possible for anyone to send you friends requests.

On this page you will find the option…

look for the line that says….

Who can contact me? – Who can send you friend requests?   “Everyone”

Ensure that the option is set to EVERYONE. This means that your profile is now public and anyone can send you friends requests.

Get extra benefit from buying facebook friends.

Just because someone sends you  friends request when you buy Facebook friends does not mean that you have to accept it, you simply scan through your requests and accept the ones that you feel are suitable to you.

You can get great extra benefit from this because if you have your account set up correctly, all the people that you choose not to be friends with will become your followers on Facebook.

To allow everyone to follow you even if you reject their friends request, go to this page…

And set the top option to public. This allows people to follow you. If you would like to have your followers count public so that everyone can see how many followers you have then please watch this video.

In order to buy from 250 – 5000 real Facebook friends delivered by please BUY FACEBOOK FRIENDS here.


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