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Buy facebook friends and increase the likes comments and shares on every post that you make. Our system is the safest, fastest and cheapest that you can find online. We deliver in between 48 hours – 8 days depending on the size of your order.

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Safe Way To Buy Facebook Friends

Our system is safe because we know the facebook limits and we always keep well in side of them. We could quite easily sell you 5000 Facebook friends for over 200 Dollars Per order but this would leave your account at risk of being facebook road blocked.

We only supply upto 1500 new facebook friends per account every 2 weeks to avoid these road blocks. Thats why our biggest order is 1200 Facebook friends.

Whats Next

Once you have ordered you will start to see friend suggesions appearing in your notifications. Simply ignore the suggestions because the other person will also recieve these suggestions and a certain ammount of them will send you a friend request.

Turn Facebook Friend Requests Into Followers.

You can quite easily turn this service into an order for facebook followers. The steps are simple.

Visit facebook settings page here and change the top option so that everyone can follow you and not just friends.

This automatically turns any friend requests that you get into Facebook followers without even having to accept the friend requests.

Where Are My New Facebook Friends From

Your new Facebook friends will be sent to you via suggestion of your account to them as a friend. the people that we send these suggestions to are literally from all over the world. We have no clue as to which people will send you requests and which ones wont. These are all real people and they are as such completely out of our control.

Buy Facebook Friends In Confidence

When you buy Facebook friends from us you run no risk to your Facebook account. This is a proven 100 percent safe service for real Facebook Accounts.

If you buy Facebook Friends for New Facebook accounts then please follow a few rules.

Firstly you need to understand that Facebook only allows real people to have Facebook accounts and they will be suspicious of any brand new accounts that get lots of friends within a short time.

Facebook will begin to look at your account to see if it is real or not. The best way to prove that your Facebook account is real is to use Facebook messages and message your friends.

A Facebook account that sends and receives Facebook messages is considered to be a real person and will not be road blocked by Facebook.

If you buy Facebook friends for a Facebook account that has just been created with no posts and no messages to friends you will run the risk of losing that account to a very hard to break Facebook road block.

Our service allows you to safely buy real Facebook friends for real Facebook accounts with no risk to your account at all. If you are a normal person and your Facebook account is in your own name and used normally you will get no problems at all.

Order now for 100% satisfaction from start to finish. We are the number 1 service for Facebook marketing and promotion weather you want to sell products on Facebook or want more real Facebook comment likes – Post likes and shares then buying Facebook Friends is the fastest way to get your desired results fast.