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Buy facebook picture likes

There may be many potential reasons to buy facebook image likes from a popularity statement to an attempt to go viral, from search engine optimization social signal campaigns to getting friends on facebook from the increased exposure.

Now I will explain the truth about buying facebook photo likes.

The road to the truth is in the knowledge of the delivery.  it is completely impossible to sell real facebook image likes because it is impossible for anyone as an outsider to consistently deliver any kind of campaign that will get real photo likes.

There for the only way to deliver facebook image likes is to be in control of multiple facebook accounts and set them to like certain images in bulk by using software.

This is a 100% fake service delivering 100% fake facebook photo likes. the advantages of buying facebook photo likes are very limited considering the delivery method.

Possible advantage 1.

You buy facebook photo likes so that the friends of the people who like your photo will also get to see it and create a viral effect .

This will not work because fake facebook accounts have very little interaction with their own posts if any and your post that the fake account liked will not be broadcast to anyone.

Possible advantage 2.

Seo advantages. Social signals are a good pointer to the search engines to help them decide which website should be positioned at what point in the search results.

Sharing an image on your facebook will not get the image linked to your website unless you are sharing a url from your site and the image is set as the featured image or “og image url” so there for images shared on facebook via website url are not actually classed as images by Facebook and image likes can not even be registered for this kind of image.

Possible advantage 3

This is the only possible advantage that is actually true . buying facebook image likes to Increase  the perceived popularity of your account “make you look popular to your friends” this is actually 100% true and a real effect. your friends will stand back in amazement and disbelief when they see that you get 500 likes on a picture of you.

People will believe that the likes are real and this will give a false impression of popularity.

So if you are looking to increase your perceived popularity then buying facebook image likes is a good idea. a fake show of interaction.

Apart from that. buying facebook photo likes is a complete useless exorcise .

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