Delivery Times For Facebook Friends

Our delivery times for your orders of facebook friends are set on the order pages. The reason for the delivery times not being instant is simply that we are supplying you with real facebook friends by suggesting you as a friend to other people.

It is impossible for anyone to deliver any faster than us unless they are selling fake friends. The only way to get fast delivery on a service such as this is by having control of the accounts that will be sending the friend requests to you and thus supplying you with fake facebook friends.

Our service is 100% genuine and the new friends that you get will be 100% real. we do not have any dealings with fake accounts and never sell fake services.

Beware of fast delivery

Our Delivery Times

Are as follows.

Up to 500 facebook friends will take up to 5 days to deliver and up to 1200 Facebook friends will take upto 8 days to deliver.

Sometimes the process goes faster than others and that is simply down to the profile or the client. If you have a good profile picture then you will get faster response and more response than an un inviting profile picture.

Maximum Delivery

We have a maximum delivery of 1200 per order and the reason for that is to keep in side the Facebook safety zone. We keep your account safe by never over doing anything. Buying 1200 Facebook friends actually results in 1200 friends on the delivery date but often that number can nearly double in the following weeks.

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