Facebook and Search Engine Optimization

Here I am about to share my experience and thoughts on using Facebook to help increase the search ranking of a web page using Facebook. It is no secret that search engines look at links on other websites that  point to your website as factors to be considered when positioning the site in searches.

Normally webmasters will like to get Do-Follow links back to their website in order for the “previously knows as” Page Rank to filter through from the link source to the link target.

Facebook links are No-Follow meaning that no page rank is passed to your website from Facebook. Though there is a second element to talk into consideration and that is Social Signals.

A social signal is basically any kind of mention of your website link on social media. For instance if you post your website link on Facebook and then someone comes and shares your post, this would be considered 2 social signals. Even though the links are No-Follow they are still helping your website in the search rankings because each link on social media is counted as a vote from the person who posted it or shared it.

Taking this into consideration it then becomes obvious that installing social share buttons on your website will help increase the search ranking for specific keywords targeted every time someone shares your content.

A way to increase the likes and shares of your content onto social media is simply to ask the person reading it, to share it. At the end of your post simply asking someone very politely to please share your post if they liked it can increase the likes and shares by over 300%.

The great thing about using social media to increase your position in search results is the fact that it actually generates real traffic to your website at the same time. A good social media strategy is an essential part and successful marketing strategy and traffic generation strategy.

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