Facebook Group Development Strategy

The development of your Facebook group can sometimes seem like a slow and painful process with very little results. When getting publicity for your group seems like an impossible task, after spending hours adding people to your group, sharing your group link in other groups, getting banned from posting in other groups for sharing your link too often, being kicked out of other groups for spamming and generally feeling like your Facebook group is doomed to fail.

Before you get to this stage it is a good idea to sit back and think about adding other peoples friends to your Facebook group, I know that you have already been adding your friends to your group and possibly adding other peoples friends to your group after they agreed to help you. Now just imagine that what it would be like if you could get other people who own groups that are basically the same as yours, to add people to your Facebook group for you free of charge.

This is very possible and the easiest way to do it is to search Facebook for groups related to yours. Go into the members list of the group and identify the admins. Then you friend the admins on Facebook and wait til they accept your friends request.

Once you are connected on Facebook your messages to them will not go to spam. Then it is time to introduce your self to the admin and explain that you have a similar group to theirs and tell them that you would like to add members to their group from your friends list in return for them adding members to your group from their friends list,

You will find that about 50% of group admins will agree to this. What you are effectively doing is turning your own friends list into multiple members. If you are in a broad niche then the amount of potential groups that you can make this arrangement with is endless.

In order to add friends to Facebook groups very fast and safely you may use this free chrome extension to add members. We spent a lot of time and money developing the extension and we give it away free to our readers and clients. Please leave a review on it if you find it useful.

Step By Step Run Down

  1. Search Facebook For Groups Related To Yours.
  2. Send Friends Requests To The Group Admins.
  3. Wait For Friend Request Acceptance.
  4. Message The Admin Stating Asking To Swap Members.
  5. Download the Free Group Adding Extension.
  6. Set The Extension To Add 500 Members Max.
  7. Add Members To The Other Group.
  8. Send The Extension To the Group Owner
  9. Get Them To Add Members To Yours.
  10. Return To Step One, Rinse And Repeat.

There is no limit to the amount of group members that you can get with this strategy. Set your self the goal of adding 3 times a week 500 members per session. Do not over do it or you will get blocked by Facebook.

What Happens If You Add Too Much

If you add too much to your group or to someone else`s, one of two things will happen, or both. Firstly your account can become restricted from adding to groups, this is a minor problem that does not last too long.

The second problem that may occur is that the groups can become invite only. This means that when you add members, the new members will receive an invite to join th egroup rather than be directly added. This can last for a while so take it steady.

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