Facebook Group Settings

Your Facebook Group Settings page may be found simply by adding the word edit/ to the end of your group URL. Group settings are very important and the settings that you choose will depend on the type of group that you have.

Facebook Group Name

The first setting in the option list is the group name and this can only be changed if the group is smaller than 5000 people. You should choose your group name very carefully and use keywords in the name that people may search for on Facebook to ensure that people looking for your kind of group may have the chance to find it. This will increase your organic group growth.

Group Type

Selecting the correct group type is most important if you have a buy sell and swap type group because selecting this option will include the for sale feature in your group making it easier for members to use and also members have the option to auto post in your group in the sales section from the Facebook Multi post function on for sales posts. This will increase your groups activity.

Privacy Settings

The privacy settings of your group are very important to get right. there are many reasons to select the correct privacy settings.

Public groups are set so that anyone can find your group and see who is in at and what is posted. Also a public groups posts may be shared by members so that non members can see the posts. This generates more members because of the exposure to more people. Though on the other hand people do not have to actually join the group to see whats posted. This is the down side.

Closed groups mean that people can find your group and see how many people are in it but they can not see any posts meaning that they will have to join the group to get a look at the content on the inside. This generates more members but as apposed to open groups this kind of groups content can not be shared with non members meaning that the viral potential of the group is zero.

Secret groups are just that. They can not be found on Facebook and they can not be shared. meaning the only people who can get into this group are people who are invited by members.

Most importantly you need to know that group privacy settings can not be changed to a less private setting after 5000 members. This means that if you make your group closed and then decide to open it after 5000 members you just cant. So choose your settings carefully.

Membership Approval

You have 2 options here. Members can add and approve new members – Members can add members but an admin must approve.

If anyone can add and approve members to your group you only need to get one spammer in there and they can add hundreds of accounts leaving you with a lot of cleanup work.

I always choose to let members add members but then approve them myself as an admin. This cuts down on spam.

Web and Email Address

This is where you may choose your designer Facebook Address but you must have over 100 members before this option is available plus it can never be changed


The description of your group must simply tell people what your group is about but try and use the keywords from your groups title to help in search results. A good description will get more members.


Tags are very important. choose tags that are related to your groups topic but pick the ones that have the most people interested in the topic. When you start to add tags you will see what I mean. This is very important for getting new organic members.

Posting Permissions

This lets you choose who can post in the group. you may set up so that only admins can post or you may set up so that all members can post. This will depend on what type of group you have but the normal settings for a group is for everyone to post unless your group is really for a product or service.

Post Approval

If members can post in your group and the members are not personal friends of yours it can be a good idea to select admin approval because this helps to reduce spam. Spammers will always do comment spam but you will have to keep checking and deleting.

If you choose for admin approval you also have to option to white list members as you approve. Over time the group gets more active with less effort from the admin as the white list grows.

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