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Over the years we have tried and tested many Facebook marketing software versions, generally we use Software to grow accounts friends lists and following. There are many software models on the market and in honesty only a handful of them are effective though price is the final deciding factor. In this post I will give you a rundown on the top 3 software`s available today in no particular order. At the bottom of this post I will also show you how to run multiple Facebook accounts with multiple features from a single computer with no software at all for free.

FB Marketing Automation

You can checkout the software here . Fb Marketing Automation is a good software for running multiple accounts with or without proxy using the chrome browser, It is ideal for slowly growing accounts. You can set it to search out people on Facebook, add them as friends and then market to them. You can search for people who work in specific industries that are related to your niche and then make contact with them.

The interface is quite complicated and some of the features do not work. For instance there is a feature to automatically do admin tasks in your groups though it does not seem to work, You can set the software to add new friends to your groups automatically, though it is a very slow process and it gets limited at about 100, there are much easier and faster ways to do this that we will go into at the bottom of the post.

FB Marketing Automation is also quite a heavy software and is very slow to load up and slows down your computer a lot while its running. There are also features that allow you to automatically message your friends and automatically reply to them. this is designed to be used for marketing but it is basically just spam and it is very obviously a bot that is sending the  messages. All sounds good but in practice it is not a good idea.

The other problem with this software is that it does not use browser cookies to keep accounts logged in, it only runs 1 account at a time and it logs in every time and logs out after the account has run its tasks. But if you think about it, who actually logs in then logs out every time, Most people login and stay logged in so this can cause alarm bells to ring and mark your account as potential spam. I prefer to login with an account and keep it logged in always, it looks more realistic.


FB Marketing Automation is good for running a small number of accounts and targeting people to add to your friends lists. It also is good for auto accepting friends requests. The software is also one time payment with free auto updates. This software is a small scale software with too many features to list though in practice the only real benefit that we gained from it was growing accounts and not a lot more.

Following Like Facebook Version

This link is for 5 Facebook Accounts We have used following like for a long time, it is quite hard to get used to because you need to create a set of events for the software to run. It takes a while to get used to but its well worth it. With this software you can again search out targeted people and add them as friends, you can use with or without proxy and it also has the added benefit of keeping an individual browser version for each account with cookies. Basically the software logs into your account and stays logged in, This is a very important feature, it saves time and keeps accounts more secure.

With any software your aim should be to search out targeted friends, add them  and auto accept friends requests. Next you should add your friends to your group so that if the account closes you still have contact. thirdly you should suggest for your friends to like your page. This is possible with both software`s that I have mentioned so far but there is one more important thing that I am about to mention.

To keep your accounts active and looking normal you should post now and again on Facebook and randomly like posts on the news feed. This software does it beautifully. You can basically setup a list of events and then run the software very day with no more input required from yourself. Also the software is multi thread meaning that it can process multiple accounts at the same time.

You can set the software up with a long stream of status updates and images to post that will be chosen randomly for each account and then deleted once used, set it to like a few posts randomly and your accounts will look and act perfectly.


This software is not user friendly, it will take you a while to get used to it though there are some great training vids on Youtube. All features that you need to successfully run and grow accounts can be set and forgot about. The price is a little high for unlimited version but its well worth the investment. Click Here to buy now.

Friend Bomber

Friend Bomber Website, The software is fully featured and can even create accounts for you, We used it but the account creation features wore very expensive to run. This software is basically for creating many accounts and running them all from one console. The accounts creation feature did not work for us, It was supposed to create email accounts first which it could not successfully do.So we brought some email accounts and added them to the software “more expense” the software proceeded to create accounts but most of them wanted phone verification and did not work.

The accounts that wore created would not then verify them selves via email so we did it manually. The account creation feature was very bad. It is important to mention now that the account creation feature was the only thing that set this software apart from the others, therefor the only thing that made this better than the rest was the thing that did not actually work.


Not impressed at all, you ,must pay to buy it and then pay a lot of money every month to keep it. Too expensive and not effective. They will give you a free trial so don`t take my word for it, feel free to try it out yourself here for free.

Run Multiple Facebook Accounts From One Computer For Free

This is a great system that we have learned over the past few years, all you need is the chrome browser from a desktop device. Simply install chrome browser and login to one Facebook account. The account will stay logged in. Next add chrome extensions such as Group Added Extension and Facebook Social Toolkit , You now have 1 account on chrome always logged in and you can add friends to groups. click all add friends buttons and invite all people to like your page plus accept all friends requests automatically for free. Now here is the clever part, adding multiple accounts to this system is the real magic.

Add Multiple Accounts

Now all you need to do is add chrome users, this creates different versions of chrome that can be used simultaneously and individually, Then you just login to each facebook count on each chrome user that you create and they all stay logged in all the time.

Check out the image below of how to do this.

Extra Bonus Info

Now you can effectively run as many Facebook accounts as you wish from a single browser simultaneously you may be interested in a few tricks. Firstly here is how to get Friends on Facebook for free. Great strategy that we use all the time. Here is how to get a large amount of followers on Facebook For Free. You can now use this Free killer strategy to grow your accounts, grow your groups and increase interaction on your posts all completely for free.

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