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Using Facebook to search for people is one of the most effective ways to find anyone in the world. All that you really need to know is their name and their birth place. Search for people on Facebook when you are logged in by following these 2 simple steps.

How to search for people on Facebook Step 1

Firstly and very simply you must visit this page on Facebook when you are logged in.

Use Facebook People Search page to find people by entering details like…

  1. Name
  2. place of birth
  3. current city
  4. High School
  5. Mutual Friends
  6. College Attended
  7. Current Employer

Step 2

Now you have located the detailed search page you must enter as many details as you know about the person that you are searching for on Facebook.

The more details that you enter the better results that you will receive.

Using Facebook Search

Facebook search may be used in all kinds of ways, you can use it to find your own personal friends that have Facebook accounts that you have not yet managed to connect with. This is a very good way to find that work friend that you have not yet come across on Facebook.

Search Facebook People For Business

If you are marketing your business on Facebook then searching for new Facebook friends based on location is a very good way to local GEO targeted people to friend and then promote offers to, this is frowned upon by Facebook but business promotion is also one of Facebook`s own services provided via Facebook ads, so using free methods to get the same results should not really be frowned upon.

Search for people to add to your Facebook Group

If you have a Facebook group and you are trying to increase your members base then you will know that it is only possible to add people to your group who are your friends.

So using Facebook people search to find people that are from the area that your group is based in is a fantastic idea and adding local people as friends who can later be adder to your Facebook group once they accept your friends request is a very powerful method of increasing your Facebook groups size and activity.

Search for people on Facebook to get Page Likes

As we just mentioned above you can use Facebook people search to find new friends to add to your Facebook group in order to create a targeted group and increase activity. You can also do exactly the same thing and then send your new friends an invite to like your page. This will increase your Facebook page likes in  very targeted way.

Facebook People Search For Marketing

Facebook has been a fantastic marketing platform for quite a few years but it only seems to work and help you make sales if you can find the right target audience. Facebook ads are a good way to get in contact with people who may be interested in your promotion but it is very expensive and often costs more than it makes. That is why making use of Facebook People Search can be a very useful tool to internet marketers.

You can target people who live in a certain area, went to a certain school or university and also target people work in a certain place….

Big Marketing Tip

So now you can find people on Facebook who live in DETROIT and WORK AT AUTO MECHANIC.

Please search for this and you will see that you have LOTS OF PEOPLE.

This will give you a search result of lots of people that live in your local area and do a certain job.

Next you can friend these people on Facebook and start to market local products by posting on your Facebook wall with quality pictures and links to sites that sell things that these people will be interested in.

That is one way top use Facebook People Search to really find targeted people to market your products and offers to.


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