Facebook Viral Video Service Explained

What Happens When You Order Facebook Viral Video Service.

If you have a Facebook video that you believe has the potential to go viral then our Facebook Viral Video Service is exactly the boost that you need. We get you the initial 250,000 – 1,000,000 views that any viral video needs to get off of the ground. Your video will be put out there to millions of people across our huge social media platforms and the initial exposure needed to kick start the viral process will be accomplished within only a few days.

How Do We Get The Exposure to Your Video.

We have spent years developing our Facebook platforms from our own accounts to pages from pages to Facebook groups. We carefully share your video across our multiple platforms in a safe way to gain massive exposure, great interaction and we also invite people who like your video to share it.

Sharing is the rout of any successful viral campaign as long as the video its self is actually viral content, Viral content can be anything from a funny video to a shocking video or even a very clever informative video.

Tips For Creating Viral Content.

  1. The video privacy status must be Public.
  2. Interaction is key, you must have points in your video where you invite people to comment. Ask a question or an opinion and request that people white their answers in the comments.
  3. Likes, love and wow reactions, again ask people lo click the like button if they like it.
  4. Shares. Invite people to share the video with their friends if they found it interesting.

You will be surprised how effective simply asking people to like, share and comment actually is. The secret to success is the likes shares and comments.

Extra Benefits From Viral Video.

If you post your viral video on your Facebook page, as the video is shared by people your page will grow. This is because when the video is viewed by people who do not yet like your page, they are presented with a like page button just below the video and a link to your page above your video.

A great video sent viral can achieve millions of views and also grow your Facebook page very quickly and it is actually the cheapest way to get real Facebook page likes. The more page likes you get the more exposure you get to your new post son your page. Its a win win situation.

Use Our Facebook Viral Video Service Today.

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