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There are many Free Facebook marketing tools that you may bring together on your Windows device and easily run multiple accounts with multiple features completely for free. The way that I discovered this method was simply through the need that I had to run multiple Facebook accounts at the same time from the same computer. this was for adding members to facebook groups, though now with the same system there are multiple free features available.

It has taken me nearly 2 years to get this system together and telling everyone about it may not be my best move, but This is and giving great value to our readers for free is exactly what we do every day of the week, though this one is a real beauty.

Basic Requirements

  1. Chrome Browser
  2. Windows Operating System

How`s that for basic, does not get any easier than that. Our first job here is to enable the chrome browser to have multiple versions that can all run at the same time without effecting each other. Its like having the chrome browser installed on your computer an unlimited number of time. Fortunately the clever folk at google have already integrated this into the standard browser but unfortunately they did not really tell anyone.

Multi User Google Chrome Browser

This part will be more easily explained in pictures rather than words, though this is a blog post and I feel that also sharing a few words would be appropriate. Skip this paragraph and look at the image for easier understanding.

  1. Look at the top right hand corner of your browser.
  2. See 4 Buttons, close. full screen, minimize and a Little MAN
  3. Click the little man.
  4. Add User
  5. Reject the request to login with google account
  6. Rename User
  7. Repeat this for as many times as you have Facebook accounts.

Now For The Image

This image will not be 100% correct for every google browser as they update the process with most new version releases, though as long as you get the general idea then you will work it out easily on your version.

Setup Facebook Accounts In Chrome Users

This is going to sound like stating the obvious and I`m sorry but now all you have to do is open each chrome user and login to a different account with each user. You will see that the users once opened will start to row up at the bottom of your screen and to view any account all you have to do is click on the chrome version at the bottom of the screen related to your account. To make this easier you can also add an image to the chrome version that will show on the icon to help with account identification.

Now Time To Ad Some Facebook features

  1. Auto accept all friends requests
  2. Click all add friends buttons
  3. Invite all friends to like your page
  4. add 900 people per account per day to your facebook group
  5. Click all the like buttons on your newsfeed
  6. Invite all of your friends to an event
  7. Many More

Free Extensions Needed For Each Chrome User

  1. Tool Kit The free features allow you to click all like buttons on each account and invite friends to events and also to accept all friends requests at once.
  2. Group Adder To be able to add 900 friends to your Facebook group per account every day.

You can now run unlimited facebook accounts all at the same time from a single computer “depending on computer speed” This strategy is absolutely incredible and with the chrome store at your finger tips it is also limitless as to its potential because there are chrome extensions available for free for almost anything.

Now you have the capability to run multiple accounts I would like top quickly show you how to get a huge number of facebook friends very fast and very safely. Please check out this post to find out how to quickly get friends on facebook.

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