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There are many misconceptions about the way Facebook works and how engagement is achieved, firstly there is the brute force approach, that is getting as many followers and friends, group members or page likes as you possibly can. Though unfortunately this will not work for you in most cases, Facebook has an algorithm so sophisticated that it actually knows what people want to see, it knows what people like and it knows what to show people.

This means that unless you are delivering content that people will actually like then the chances are that people will never even see it.

SO how is Facebook so clever?

Facebook has the power to look at history, history of your previous posts and engagement, it knows who saw your posts and how many people saw your posts, it knows if people see your posts and ignore them, it knows if people see your posts and like them. With this knowledge Facebook comes up with a calculation, Interactions per view. If you get high interactions per view then your posts will be delivered to more people creating more interaction and more exposure to your content.

This means that facebook is delivering good content to its users and making Facebook a nice place to be.

Now on the other hand, if your posts get very low interaction per view then facebook will realize that your content is not what people want to see and your content will not be delivered to anyone at all. This also keeps facebook as a nice place to be.

Facebook Wants To Please People

Facebook keep people happy by giving them what they want to see or what they will react to. So you need to understand this very important point. Once you understand that interaction results in more exposure you will soon find a way to create and post more content that demands interaction.

You will notice that at the start of this post I mentioned groups, facebook pages and friends. that is because the rules are the same all the way through. and the way to get higher interaction per view is always the same. Its the same for groups, same for pages and the same for your profile. Deliver content that people want to see or content that makes them react.

Groups are not quite the same as this but they can be. If you are going to add random people to your group and expect them to like things then your going to need to create a group about something that lost of people like.

People love to be entertained. So groups about funny things are always good.

People like to buy and sell, so local for sale groups are also a good idea.

But if you are going to create a group about a limited target niche then you will need to only add targeted members or your group will die on its feet.

Facebook golden rules for interaction.

  1. Be relative to your audience
  2. Inspire Reaction
  3. Encourage conversation
  4. Ask for people to share

If you can read and fully understand this page then you will have started your journey on the way to high interaction and more exposure on Facebook.

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