Getting Traffic From Facebook To Your Website

It does not matter how much you post to Facebook, Where you post or when you post if the posts that you are sharing that link to your website do not invite the click.

In order to get any form of traffic you your website you must pay great attention to the term CALL TO ACTION. This may sound a little drastic though the fact of the matter is you need to actually Invite people to your website and tell them how to get there.

It may seem obvious to you looking at your post that people can get from there to your website but is it obvious to the person who sees the post.

If you share a nice picture that links to your website then you may get lots of likes and shares but no traffic. The idea is to include something in your picture that invites people to click on it, Simply by adding a png button that says click here to the image that you have shared can increase the traffic from Facebook to your website many times over.

The best buttons for click conversions are worded….

  1. Instant Access
  2. Click Here
  3. Buy Now
  4. More Information..
  5. Discover More Here..

Simply by adding this kind of text to your image or description will create lots more traffic to your website.

Creating a featured image for your web pages using the method above will mean that simply by sharing the url to your site the image automatically appears, No matter who shares it

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