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Hosted By Namecheap

A huge Thank you to Namecheap and their technical services department from

We could not have built our website without you and your 24 hour customer services. A big thank you for all of your support.

We would like to recommend you as the best hosting service in the world and we would also like to wish you the best of luck with everything that you do.

Thank You for the Best Webhosting ever.


I would like to thank you firstly for your 2 stage account login option where I login to my account and have to get a text message confirmation code before I actually get access to my account.

This 2 stage authentication really makes me feel safe in your hands knowing that no one can ever steal my domain name or website that we have worked so hard to develop.

Secondly I would like to thank you for your technical support with our ssl certificate installation and also with helping us deal with the unsecure content that we had our our site due to non https image locations being displayed.

The third thing that I would like to thank you for is the price of your hosting service. Our website was created on a very small budget and has now grown into a very fruitful business for us and our team. Without Namecheap we could not possibly have done this and we are so thankful to you.