How Do You Create a Page On Facebook

Firstly there are a few different types of page that you can create on Facebook. If you are interested in discovering how to create a business page on Facebook then please check out this post.

You can create pages for brands and products, businesses, causes and general interest such as communities and hobbies etc. Celebrities, personal pages, work pages and anything that you can imagine.

So back to the question of How To Create A Page On Facebook. Firstly you need to look at the top right hand corner of your screen. You will see the down pointing triangle button like this…


When that button is clicked once it will give you the option to create a page on Facebook. you will then be presented with 6 options and you should choose the option that best represents your page that you will be creating. The options are as follows in the image below.


Choose one of the above options and continue through the process as you are prompted. Important things to take notes of are categories and descriptions, it is very important to use keywords here that people will potentially search for when they are trying to find your kind of page. This will help you gain likes at a later point in your pages progress.

Once your page has been created you can then set about making your page look good. You have options to change the pages header image, “this is also very important” set your self a nice relative image to your page that will inspire interest in the people who see it and help bring people to your page when they see this image popup in various places on Facebook before the first time they visit your page.

Learning how you create a page on Facebook may seem simple enough but there are lots of minor details that have major effects on the page its self. Also pages have lots of features that must be utilized. Such as scheduled posts etc.

If your page is promoting a product, service or a music band etc, you could use the call to action button that can be set up at the top of the page that will invite people to click on it in order to either contact you, view your video, go to your website, get more info, download your app. The possibilities are endless, you may even use this link to deliver traffic to a sign up page and gain email subscribers.

If you are building a Facebook page to represent a community or to create a platform for people to buy and sell items you may be better off considering building a Facebook group. Groups have a lot easier time growing and they also generate user content meaning that you could spend more time filtering out other peoples content through the admin panel in order to only post the best content in our group rather that having to go out and find the content to post yourself.

Pages and groups are not at all the same thing though they both are very good social platform used in the right circumstances.

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