How to Create a Business Page on Facebook

2018 Update, Creating A Business Facebook Page

It is now possible to create a Business page by converting your profile to a page, the benefit of this is the fact that all of your friends will become liker`s of the page instantly. You should consider starting your business page in this way because it will give you an instant great head start. Here is how to create a facebook page from your profile.

How To Create A Facebook Business Page From Scratch

There are many options available for creating a business page on Facebook. We are about to go into the most effective method that will allow your business page to get star ratings. This type of business page will help you get brand recognition and also market products and services.

First of all you will need to be logged into your Facebook account. Once logged in look to the top right hand corner of your screen and you will see a downwards pointing arrow as shown in the image below.

Create A FAcebook Page

When you click on that downwards facing arrow you will then be presented with multiple options. You need to scan through the options and choose the one that says Create Page as I have highlighted in the image below.



Once you click on that option you will then be presented with 6 choices as to which type of Facebook page that you would like to create. There are 3 options for Business pages though the most effective one to choose in our experience is option one as shown in the image below.



When you click on the first option you will then be asked to start to create your Facebook page by entering your business details. clicking the first option will make it look like it does in the image below.



Now you simply need top enter your basic business details into the box and make sure that you enter a valid phone number that is based in the same country as your business.

Once you have passed this step you will then be asked to enter the category of your business, this is a very important thing to get right because it will help you later on with search results in facebook when people search for your kind of business.

Next you must enter a description of your business. this must be short and sweet but try to include relevant keywords to your business.

The third option in this step is to enter your website URL. This is also very important because this is one of the links on your page that will drive traffic to your website.

5 Star Ratings

Because this type of business Facebook page has a location it allows check in`s and star rating. So your page will have the function available for people for people to be able to review your products and services and even your complete business by leaving a short review and star ratings.

Business Page Profile Picture

The next step in the process is to add a profile picture for your Facebook page. There are many things to consider here before you decide on the image that you will use. It must be relative to your business in some way but it is more important for it to be attractive and make people want to like it. I will leave this to your imagination but here is an example of an image that I would use for a Business Facebook Page.


Before anyone gets to see any of your content, products or services they must actually like your page. So you have to do everything possible at this stage to make people who are introduced to your page actually like it, we can worry about the products and services promotions after with posts on the page.

Next you are asked to add the page to your favorites list. This is a good idea because it will help you to find your page faster at a later date.

The final option is to select an audience. That is up to you but a larger audience will always be better for international products and a tighter audience will be more effective for local business.

Your Facebook Business Page Is Now Created

After taking the previous step your Facebook page will have been created. Its now time to tweak the page a little.

The first thing that you should look at here is the header image. select an image that represents your business and also is very likable. people will see this image when looking at other related pages and yours pops up in the side bar. also they will see this image when their friends like your page. This image is very important.

Also the call to action buttons are very important, you should set up a call to action button to either get people to contact you or to get them to visit your website.

Business Facebook Page Considerations.

Some people will actually create a business profile instead of a page in order to promote their business. Discover the pros and cons of profiles compared to business pages here. Also once your page has been created and tweaked you will need to get likes for the page. Here is how to get Facebook page likes.

Posting On Your Business Facebook Page

Posting content on your page must be done at least once every day and it can be a tedious thing to do. the best way to post content on your page is once every week you can set up scheduled posts from the admin panel to post at set times.

If you are trying to deliver traffic to your website from the page then you will need to have good images on the website pages that can be drawn into Facebook along with a description simply by sharing the webpage url from your website. This way when the image is clicked the person will be redirected to your website. Its best if the images have a click here logo on them, this is a call to action and it will increase the traffic to your business website.

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