How to develope a successful facebook page 

There are lots of elements to be aware of when you are considering starting or running a facebook page. All are equally important because none can work without the others.

Element 1.

Basic setup of your page. You must make your blank facebook page a beautiful piece of art. You have the header image to work with and the pinned post. You may also add products to your page where the images of the products show at the top of the page.

These are important factors to consider before you ever add any real content. Your page must be likable for people to even consider liking it.

Element 2.

The content on your page is important in 2 ways. the first way is that it will increase engagement by the law of averages,  the more things that there are to engage with the more engagement that you will get. Each post that you make will be delivered to a certain percentage of the people who like your page so more Posts means more exposure.

Secondly the quality of your content and relativity to your page followers is so important. The more people who like your content as a percentage of the people who actually saw it, the more your content will be delivered to others.

Element 3.

Getting people to actually like your page. People who subscribe to your page by clicking the like button are doing so of their own free will and the do so in order to see more great content from you so Element 2 is for this reason so important.

You can get exposure to your page by sharing some of your best content in facebook groups, this gives the option for people to like your content and also puts a button next to your post for people to like your page. this is a very good way to get a bigger audience.

You can also invite your friends to like your page, inviting 5000 people can get you from 50 – 200 likes depending on your page. This can be a very powerful tool when you harness the power of your friends and get them to suggest to their friends to like your page.

The last and most expensive way to grow your audience is to use Facebook ads, you can get facebook to display your page and boost your posts for more people to see them. Buying facebook page likes via facebook ads can be very effective but very expensive.

You can also buy facebook page likes here are fbadded, real page likes delivered by suggestion to friends.

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