How To Get 1000 Facebook Group Members in Less Than 7 Days For Free

Hi. Thank you for joining us. I am Paul and I am about to share with you my killer trick that allows you to add over 1000 members to any facebook group within 7 days and actually a lot more than that if you have the time.

Firstly I will explain how facebook group members are added.

The only way to ever add any members to a Facebook group is to add your friends. Its that simple. No friends equals no people to add to your group. I am about to tell you how to get lots of friends for free without using your own facebook account.

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Adding Friends To groups

Before we get all of these friends it is essential to know how to add them to facebook groups without too much effort. I know that it seems that I am explaining this back to front but it is essential that you know what you are going to do and why before you actually try and do it.

You will need to be using windows and google chrome for this to work. Please add this extension to google chrome and you can try it out using your own account before we get really heavy with it.

To test that everything is working properly you must first login to Facebook and then open the main page of your Facebook group in your browser.

Once you are on the correct page you can now look up at the top right hand corner of the screen and see a new blue button with the letter F on it. This is your extension activation button. DO NOT PRESS IT YET.

Once your ready on the group page of the group that you wish to add your friends to, simply click on the new button and a pop over will popup in the middle of the screen. This popover is your extension working. Set the program in action and watch as the extension starts to add all of your friends to your group.

If you only have 1 group that you wish to add to then let the extension work its magıc until facebook stops you. You will be banned from adding members for a couple of weeks buy who cares once you have added your friends. Its not like you can add them twice or anything.

Now for the powerful stuff

Now you have learned how to quickly add friends to a facebook group I am going to tell you about a smash and grab technique that will get you lots of Facebook group members in a very short amount of time.

Get friends fast

The fastest way to get friends on a Facebook account is to be a beautiful woman who is very lightly dressed in her profile picture. To become this person you need an email address that is not yet connected to facebook or you need to create a free email address using a service like GMX that does not require a telephone number.

Then you need to create a new facebook account using this email address but make it in the name of a lady and find a good picture from google for your profile picture.

Once your new Facebook account is active the first thing that you should do is find your group and then request to join. Accept the join request from your group admin panel from the group owners account so that you are ready to add.

Once your ready to add to the group its time to get friends fast. Thats the easy part and it takes about 2 days. The first thing to do is to search facebook for any groups that contain the word SEXY in the title. do this by entering a normal facebook search and selecting the groups tab from the top options bar.

Once you have your list of facebook groups in front of you simply scroll down the list for a group that contains over 1000 members and add them all as friends. This may sound like a long and painful task but by adding the free version of Facebook Social Media Toolkit you can choose to add all of these people as your friends or atleast send them a friend request very quickly.

Doing this will get your account banned but as you know we only want facebook group members and this is a smash and grab job so please continue to follow. This is a very powerful method of facebook group developement.

Use the FST extension to send friend requests to as many people in this group that facebook will allow. Let the process run until facebook stops you. You will be asked to confirm that you know the person and just say yes when prompted.

You will now get about 500 friend requests within 48 hours but keep a check on things because sometimes its much faster depending on the profile picture that you uploaded. Once you have 500 new friends you then use the group added extension to add them to the group. This will get you atleast 500 new facebook group members in less than 48 hours. You may be lucky enough to get a second go at this before the account is locked.

When the account gets locked WHO CARES. You already added the friends to your facebok group and you did not even have to give a telephone number.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this and I also hope that you put it into practice. There is no limit to the amount of times that you can do this and no group members are ever lost when the account gets banned. This is the ultimate Facebook group members smash and grab job.

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