How To Get Facebook Followers

There are two ways that someone can follow you, firstly they can obviously follow you by clicking the follow button but the most important thing to know when you are trying to get followers on facebook is the second way that people can follow you.

If someone sends you a friend’s request that you do not accept they automatically become your follower. So with this fact taken into account to get followers on facebook all you need to actually do is get people to send you friends requests and just not accept them.

So now let’s go into how to get friends requests. There are lots of add me groups on facebook and simply by joining them and posting your own profile url in the groups you can get lots of friends requests. But this is a very manual way to do it and we like to do things automatically.

Though Firstly you will need to put in some work. Change your profile picture and header image to something that people will really like. And then as we stated join the add me groups and post your url.

This will get friends requests coming to you but you are going to need to accept some. Facebook will show you to the friends of your friends as someone that they may know so you need friends with lots of friends in order for lots of people to automatically see your profile as someone that they may know. This will generate friends requests.

The rule of thumb is to accept friends requests from people with over 2500 friends and ignore those from people with less than that. So the people that you ignore are now your followers and the people that you accept are now your friends and they are unwittingly getting you more friends requests.

This is a viral facebook method of getting facebook followers and it only works if your profile image is very interesting to people.

If you try this and it does not work it is purely down to your profile picture. So change it and continue.

Good luck…

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