How to get Facebook page likes 2018

Getting Facebook page likes is something that you need to get right from the start. Latest 2018 updates on facebook have opened some killer new features that make getting Facebook page likes so much easier as long as you get it right from the start. We not just talking about any old page likes, we talking about page likes related to you and your business. I will break this down for you start to finish.

Before you create your Facebook page

Facebook now allows you to turn your facebook profile into a page, killer strategy. it is so much easier to get friends on facebook compared with getting facebook page likes, so having a profile with many friends and then converting it into a page where all the friends will automatically like the facebook page is a great head start. You can be looking at 1000 – 5000 Page likes the day you create the page as long as you setup the account properly first.

So lets go step by step. The coming section is step one, creating and growing your account ready for page conversion.

Preparing Your Facebook Account For Conversion To Page

Hopefully you already got your account setup and you got a few friends. You need to get as many friends as possible at this point, don`t just go sending out wild friends requests, use your head, use the facebook search functions. Use the facebook search page to to find people by location or workplace and really target your friend request sending. This will increase the interaction on your page later.

Build up your Facebook profile, be interactive with others and you will soon see your interaction and reach growing. Check out this post on how to get friends on facebook , it will help you speed up the process. Once you have built up your Facebook profile it is then time to start phase 1 of your page creation and growth campaign.

Creating Your Facebook Page

Once you have your Facebook account grown to a sufficient level you can then use this secret link that seriously no one will ever tell you about CLICK HERE . That link allows you to create a business page based on your profile. Go through the steps to create the page, they are self explained along the way. Once you have created your page based on your profile you can then get all of your friends to like your page without even asking them, I know this sounds wrong but its true. Normally you can invite your friends to like your page and get about 5% response rate but with this method you just use the invite feature, select all friends, click invite and they actually become page liker`s instantly.

You are now in a critical position

Once you have added all your friends to your page you now need to entertain them fast. You need you get interaction quickly and the easiest way to do that is to go through your personal profile posts and see which ones got most interaction, then share them on your page. Also you should look at the style of posts that got most interaction and create new posts in the same style as the successful ones. This will ensure interaction, interaction is what Facebook measure when they decide to broaden or cut your post reach, be creative and do what is proven to work.

Use Facebook Groups To get Page Likes

If you already have a group then you can link your page to your group, when you post on your page, then share the posts in your group. If you do not have a group then create one and buy facebook group members . That is the fastest way to own a group and get benefit from it. When I say benefit I mean be able to post links from your page as you wish. If you do not own the group then you will normally need to wait for admin approval.

If you are prepared to wait for admin approval on your posts then search facebook for your market keywords, select the groups tab and then join all groups in your niche. As you get accepted to the groups share your page posts in those groups.

Fastest Way To Get Facebook Page Likes

You can use any of the strategies mentioned in this post though seriously the most effective way is to use all of them. If you start off properly and turn your profile into a page then you have 75% of your work done on the first day. If you already have a page then still convert profile to page, then change page name, wait a few weeks and then merge pages. this system is the 2018 killer Facebook page strategy. Take advantage.

You can also include Traffup as one of your tools for getting Facebook page likes. by simply spending only a few minutes a day you can get a few more page likes every day. Combining multiple methods in your strategy is the best way forwards and always monitor your efforts, which ever methods give you the best results should be the methods that you spend most time on. This will maximize your results.

Page Exposure To Liker`s Friends

What you will notice is that if someone likes your facebook page then their friends will most likely see your page suggested to them in the right sidebar of there facebook account. This is a great benefit to you because it broadens your reach with every single person that likes your page. The trick to capitalizing on this is to actually see the way that facebook delivers the suggestion. They present page name and header image with a like button. The page name is not too important but the header image is. Make sure that your header image is exciting and also make sure that it engages people into clicking the like button, after all facebook is suggesting for them to like the page. You should also back that up. Offer incentive, make people see the benefit of liking the page just by seeing the header image.

If you share your page link in groups then this is also the image that people will see. Use it wisely. The likes that you get from this kind of exposure are 100% organic and they are the best likes that you are ever likely to get due to the fact that these people are more likely to interact with your page than any others.. Get this right and your page will flourish.

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