How To Get Facebook Page Likes

The fastest way to get Facebook page likes with no website and no Facebook friends. This method is very simple and very effective. It will also get you likes targeted to your niche.

Firstly use the search on Facebook to search for your keywords. then on the results page click on the option to only show Groups.

Get Targeted Facebook Group Membetrs

You will be presented with a large list of Facebook groups that we are going to use to get Facebook page likes. There are 2 things that we are going to do to make sure that we get the maximum number of page likes possible for our time.

Firstly scroll down the list of groups and request to join the larger ones. Some requests will be accepted instantly and some will be accepted over time so request to join about 50 groups here so that we have something to work with instantly.

You will after a short time start to receive notifications from Facebook telling you when you have been accepted as a group member for the groups that you requested to join.

As the notifications come in you should visit each group that you are now a new member of and create a post in that group. The post that you make is very simple. Just post the link to your Facebook page and automatically your page will appear with its image and also A like button.

Now as you can imagine people will see your page posted in the group and some of them will like your page. This is the fastest way to get Facebook page likes.

You must continue to do this as you are accepted as a member to the other groups but do not do more than 10 per day or your account may be restricted.

The other thing that we are going to do to maximize the likes that we get is to personally invite people to like your page. To do this you must be friends with the person first. When you are on the groups page you will see that there is a button that says MEMBERS at the top of the page.

To get more Facebook page likes you can add the members of this group as friends and send them a request to like your page once they accept your friends request.

Using these 2 combined methods you can easily get from 50 – 100 new Facebook Page likes every day. That is how to get Facebook page likes for free. You can also get 1000s of page likes a lot faster than this if you Buy Facebook Page Likes.

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