How To Get Friends On Facebook 2016

Getting friends on Facebook is becoming easier every day. Simply for the reason that every day we understand more about the Facebook systems in place.


Stupid word that I just made up but it has a very important meaning, The meaning of my new word is simple.

  1. You must look like someone that people want to be friends with
  2. Your profile picture must be either beautiful or intriguing.
  3. You must look like a real person on Facebook, no accounts that just joined Facebook and only got 3 pictures total.

Becoming Friendable

Yes thats another new word that I just created but still, here we go.

Firstly you are in a better position by about 600% if you are female,

Secondly you need to have lots of posts and images on your profile.

Thirdly you need to be ready to promote yourself.

Facebook Account Promotion

Promoting yourself on Facebook is about what you post but firstly its about getting a few friends to have some fun with.

Send about 100 friends requests to people on Facebook who have more than 1000 friends themselves. You can find these people by searching for ADD ME Groups or by people searching names and looking at the friends count of the people that show up in the search results.

The reason for adding people with over 1000 friends is that your account will show up to their friends as someone that they may know, this will get you friends requests without sending friends requests.

Once you have a few friends on Facebook

then its time to start your self promotion with content, keep up the adding people thing but start to post some quality funny posts, you will get more results with image posts than you will with video posts, so search google for funny images and get posting them.

You can also search for funny or clever quotes and post them as status updates. this will get your profile noticed and get some interaction going for you.

Overdrive stage

Now to really put your friends list on overdrive go through your friends requests that are sent to you, go through them carefully. only accept friends requests from people who have over 1000 friends them selves, as we mentioned earlier, this will get you lots more friends requests without sending requests.

Final Notes

To seriously make your account popular you can turn on the follow option allowing anyone to follow you, then when any person sends you a friends request, even if you decline it, that person becomes your follower.

Now understand the magic.

  1. If you only accept friends requests from people with over 1000 friends you will get more friends requests due to the fact that you are then suggested as someone that people may know.
  2. If you get too many friends requests that you do not respond to you will be blocked from receiving friends requests until you respond to some, so you must accept friends requests from people with over 1000 and decline from people with less than 1000 friends in order to keep your friends requests coming.
  3. When you have follow option turned on, the people that you are rejecting are still your followers and the people that you are accepting are getting you more friends requests.
  4. Posting content that gets likes shares and comments means that your posts are delivered to more people getting you more likes comments and shares.


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