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Fastest Way To get Facebook Friends in 2018. The secret that No One Will Share…

I am about to tell you exactly how to get lots of friends on Facebook without sending lots of friend requests. Sending lots of friend requests will however get you lots of friends but it will also get your account restricted or closed if you go too over the top with it. What you are about to discover here is pure gold.

Why People Send You Friend Requests.

Before I explain how to do this I feel that I need to explain how it works, Think about Facebook for a moment. When you are on Facebook do you see the People You May Know element that pops up on various pages with pictures of people that you may know with an add friend button.

Yes you do. You need to be on this very short list in front of as many people as possible. Also you need to make sure that when your on this list the people that see you will actually send you a friend request.

The easiest way to do this is to have a beautiful profile picture. its that simple. So if you are a woman then get your most beautiful attractive and appealing picture and set it as your profile picture, If your a man then good luck (:

Getting your account on the People You May Know Section.

Your account will always be shown to a few people as someone that they may know but the trick is to get your account shown to 1000s of people as someone that they may know.

So how do we get on this list. to work that out we must first understand the deciding factors that place you on this list for any given person.

Why You Are Suggested As Someone The User Make Know.

Think about it. How would you possibly know someone.

  1. You work at the same place
  2. You are from the same town
  3. You live in the same town

Number 4 is the most easy to manipulate and the fastest way of getting your account in the people that you may know list.

You need to have a few friends with lots of friends. the more friends that someone has on Facebook the more you will be suggested as someone that a user may know

The more you are suggested as someone that the user may know and the better your profile picture is, the more friend requests you will receive.

Simple Steps To Get More Friends On Facebook.

  1. Change your profile picture to the most beautiful, attractive and exciting picture that you have.
  2. Click on your friends page and look at the people that are suggested to you as someone that you may know/
  3. Hover over the persons name on this list that you can find here at the bottom end of the page
  4. You will get a popup small window with the persons details. You must see if the friends count shows
  5. Send friend requests to the people that have over 2500 friends or over 100 followers.
  6. Add upto 100 people as friends and then wait.


The results of doing this will depend on your profile picture and under ideal circumstances with a good profile picture on a females account you will find yourself with over 4000 friend requests within a week.


You need to know this very important piece of information. You can get as many friend requests as you like and it will never cause you any problems with Facebook

Though if you accept too many friend requests in a short time you will be road blocked.

You need to only accept 1200 friend requests per week at the most.

So what happens to the other friend requests

Facebook have set a limit of 5000 friend per account. If you accept 1200 per week you will then have 5000 in a month. The secret trick here is to get friends and followers at the same time.

If someone sends you a friend request they are waiting for you to accept. But if your following option is open and set to EVERYONE CAN FOLLOW then every Facebook friend request that you get will be a follower until you accept and a follower and friend when you accept.

How can we use this to our advantage.

This is simple. firstly set your account so that you can be followed by everyone from here Its the first option at the top of the page.

Secondly you need to understand that Facebook will not let you have friend requests sent to you if you have too many friends.

Knowing this you will now understand that its best to get your account to 4000 friends by selecting the people that you want to be friends with only and not accepting all friend requests.

When your account is at 4000 you will still be shown as a person that people may know and you can still be sent friend request by others. every one of those people that send you a friend request after 4000 people will become your follower.

Only accept friend requests from people with over 2500 friend and you will see your followers count explode. Your Facebook posts will get more Likes Shares Comments and interaction than you ever imagined and you will be safe from Facebook road blocks.

Thank You

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I am sure that you will get great benefit from taking these actions and increasing your friends and followers count.

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