How to get group members from another group.

If you have seen a Facebook group that is in your market and has lots of members and you are wondering if it is possible to get the same members into your group then you will be pleased to know that it is, in an unusual way. Nice short and sweet post for you today.

Firstly you must create your group with a similar name as the target group and also use the same tags and a similar description. also add the location as the same if possible.

Now you just add a few of your own people to the group and set a little bit of activity in the group by posting yourself.

Now for the easy part, you just wait, because now every person that visits the target group will see your group pop up in the side bar as a related group and people who are really interested in your subject will request to join your group. Getting targeted group members is very hard and this is just about the easiest way to do it.

Author: FBAdder

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