How to get more interaction on your facebook posts

To get more interaction on your facebook posts firstly you need to get interaction on your latest posts. If your posts are generally seen to be highly interacted with, you will find that facebook will start to deliver your content to more of your friends which will obviously result in more interaction.

You need to set your goal of getting over 100 likes and 25 comments each on your next 4 posts and the easiest way to do that is to post things that people just need to comment on. the image below is a great example.

The beauty of this image post is that it has hidden secrets. If you look closely there are hidden details like 2 diggers side by side. on line 2, making 4 diggers. What happens here is everyone wants to solve this and initially it looks easy. people think its complicated, share their wisedom and generally get it wrong.

Other people will see the mistake and correct it, usually they get it wrong too because in mathematical terms the multiplication should be done first.

You will notice with this post that the comments will keep coming and coming as everyone tries to correct everyone else and show their intelligence.

When you share this image you will get huge amounts of comments and you should also comment your self in reply to people to instigate even more interaction.

Once you have seen the power of this kind of post you should do it 4 more times with different content and then continue with your normal posts. Though it is wise to make a post like this every few days. Because what it actually shows to facebook is that you are interesting and people love to see your content.

The more facebook thinks that people want to see your content, the more they will show it to them. Success breeds success, Try it out now and you will not be dissapointed.

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