How To Get Targeted Facebook Group Members

Targeted Facebook groups can be created and developed using many different techniques though the one that I will explain today is about harnessing the power of your members and encouraging them to help you build your group and rewarding them for doing so.

The fastest way to add targeted members to your group is to have Facebook friends that are interested in the topic of your group and then add them to it. I`m about to tell you how to get targeted friends to add to your Facebook group.

Offering rewards for people who add members to your group is a fantastic way to encourage members to add members. You can offer anything from pinned post positions to free software and ebooks. If you have something that is of value to your members then keeping it back and only giving it to people who help you then you will find that you start to get helped a lot more than you used to.

The offer of a gift to people who add members to your group can be advertised using your pinned post and your header image clearly stating what it is that you offer and how the person can contact you. Ideally via Facebook messages of maybe email.

The beauty of having members add friends to your group is that it increases activity in your group due to the notifications to friends of members that post. Meaning that if a person has lots of friends in your group then when they post lots of people will receive the notifications that draw them back to the group.

Method 2

Another method of achieving a high level of activity in your Facebook group is to add targeted members your self. You are only allowed to add friends to your group to getting Facebook friends that are interested in your groups topic is a very important step.

Here is how to get Targeted Facebook group members by getting targeted friends on multiple accounts.

Open a couple of new Facebook accounts and set them up with a nice profile picture. Once your account is setup and looking good its time to get some new friends ready to add to your group.

The easiest way to do this is to use facebook search and search for things related to your group. Keywords that you would associate with your group topic. Lets for example use the word dogs and imagine that you have a group about dog care or dog training.

The image below is the search results for the words dog training and on the results page I clicked the tag for GROUPS

Get Targeted Facebook Group Membetrs

As you can see the results are for public and closed groups. You now want to go through the list of groups and find one that has lots of members and is open/public.

Click on that group and then at the top of the page under the main header image click on the button that says MEMBERS.

This will give you a list of the members of that group and also give you the chance to add them as a friend. Very simple yet very effective. You now just send 100 friend requests per day to different people on that group until you exceed the limit of allowed pending friend requests.

Then its time to stop. After that wait a few days and then add all of the people to your facebook group. Adding members to your facebook group can be very time consuming but there is a clever little tool that you can use to save you lots of time and effort. That tool can be discovered by reading this post about Facebook Group Member Adding Software

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