How To Get Traffic From Your Facebook Page To Your Website

If you have a website and it has an associated Facebook page then getting traffic from the Facebook page to your website should be your number one goal.

Before you even make a post on your Facebook page you should have it set up in the optimum way to filter traffic from the page to your site.

5 simple steps.

  1. Add your website link to your page in the about section.
  2. Create a button that links to your site
  3. Create a header image that actually points to the button
  4. Create a pinned post that links to your website.
  5. Add your web address in the description of the page.

Here is a good example of a header image that point sat the button linking to your site and helps filter traffic through.

The size and position of the picture are near perfect to get attention directly to the sink to site.

You may download this image, edit and use it for your own purposes.

Once your page is set up correctly you can then suggest for all of your friends to like your page and also get your friends to suggest their friends to like it as well.

If you struggle to get people to like your page we can take that job on for you. click here for more details on getting page likes.

You must also post on your page of course and set an image for the post that people will want to click on.

You can either do this by setting the website links featured image to something suitable that will be auto imported to Facebook every time some one shares your link or you can add the image manually on Facebook.

The last thing to take advantage of here is the set it and forget it Facebook feature for pages that allows you so schedule posts.

I will usually set up 7 posts linking to site and have them scheduled to post every 2 days, this gives me 2 weeks drip feed of posts on the page and traffic to the site with only 20 minutes work.

You can actually crate one Facebook page for every product and service that you have available on your site and link to the relative pages on the site. This is a lot more work, but more work means more traffic.

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