How To Increase Followers On Facebook

8 Sure Fire Ways To Increase Followers On Facebook

Facebook has become one of the most powerful social marketing platforms on the web. It has become a great avenue where individuals and businesses share and promote their products, services, and even ideas to a wide audience, which in turn plays a crucial role in increasing their revenue.

If you are offering a product or service or have great ideas to share with the rest of the world, the first thing you should consider doing is garnering more Facebook followers. But why try to increase Facebook followers instead of likes? You are probably wondering. Well, “followers” number is considered to be more powerful compared to the “Likes” number. Reason being, Facebook users can choose to unfollow your page and won’t therefore get any notifications even when your page goes live. On the other hand, Facebook users who follow your page will get updates without necessarily liking the page. If you go live, these followers get notifications, which will increase your chances of getting a much higher “reach” for your live post.

So how can you increase your Facebook followers without spending a dime for promoted posts or ads? Well, don’t stress about it or worry about where to get money to pay for promoted posts or ads. Here are some guaranteed, research-backed ways on how to increase followers on Facebook absolutely free.

1. Post Awesome Content- Content is King as Always

People love reading high-quality and informative content- that’s a fact. When people choose to follow your page, they must have been attracted by the kind of content you share, not necessarily the kind of products you are selling. High-quality and informative content communicates directly with your fans, audience, and customers. For example, if you have a beauty page targeting acne, try not to do too much promoting without first
providing them with helpful information regarding their acne problem. You are bound to convert better that way.

If you have a blog or website with great content, the better. At least you will have something of great value to share, which will definitely attract more followers.

2. Try to Encourage Likes and Shares

For the time you’ve been on social media, particularly Facebook, you must have noticed that the more liked, commented, and shared a post is, the more audience it will reach. So how does this work? Well, it all goes down to the quality of content provided or shared on the posts. Facebook users will like and share your posts on their networks if they love what they see. And the more they like and share, the more followers you will attract. It’s as easy as that.

PS: Avoid asking for likes and shares. It’s a real turn off to your audience.

3. Embed all your Posts

The web has numerous networks, which means your audience aren’t only interacting on Facebook. So why don’t you extend the reach of your posts by embedding them on your website or blog? This will work to your advantage in two ways. One, by attracting traffic to your website and two, increasing the number of followers as more people will be able to interact with your Facebook content off the platform.

4. Reshare Other People’s Content

Don’t be mean when it comes to sharing other people’s Facebook content. If you find content that will greatly benefit your audience, share it on your page. Sharing other people’s content will also prompt them to share yours too, which is a great tactic for increasing your follower count absolutely free.

5. Mix Up Content by Adding Images and Videos

Besides posting great content, embedding related images and videos can attract, engage, and bring more followers to your Facebook page. Posts with lengthy content are especially boring without images. You will definitely increase your follower count if you embed high-quality images and videos that are related to your posts.

6. Give Reasons to Comment

Don’t just stop at posting content. Rather, kick off each post with a comment to keep the conversation going. Also, be sure to encourage your fans to comment on the posts by asking their opinion regarding the information you have provided, asking questions, or giving incentives. People definitely love reading comments from others and this tactic will definitely bring in more followers.

7. Follow other Fan Pages

When you follow other fan pages, they will follow you right back. This means that their followers are also likely to follow your page. So don’t hesitate to show some love to other fan pages.

8. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most commonly used elements in social media marketing. If your audience is socially savvy, hashtags can be of great value to your Facebook page, especially when it comes to increasing the number of followers.

Hashtags can help your posts become more searchable and shareable on Facebook, increase the visibility of your posts, promote live events and webinars across your other social networks, keep conversations going, and many others.

So if you haven’t been using hashtags, now is the right time.

Please note that what might work for others may not work for you as there are varying factors such as your kind of audience, your niche, among other factors. All the same, you can experiment them all to figure out what will work for you best.

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