Killer Trick To Promote Special Offers With Your Facebook Group

If you have a large Facebook group and you use it to promote products and/or services then this killer 5 second trick is going to leave you speechless. Normally interaction on your group is based on previous performance and if your group has generally low interaction then simply posting offers to your group will have low results.

In order for this to work effectively there are 2 things that you must first do before you perform the main trick.

  1. Create a new header image for your group that offers your discounted special offer and include a text link to your site. The text link will not be clickable but it will direct people to visit your web address.
  2. Post a new post on your group that is a link to the special offer sales page on your website. Make sure  that the sales page has a featured image that is sized 1200×600 and includes a CLICK HERE button.

Once you have completed the 2 steps just mentioned it is then time to get the attention of every single one of your group members and here is exactly how to do it……

Killer Trick To Get Attention Of All Group Members

All you have to do now is go into your group settings and change the name of your group “dont worry, you can change it back”

Change the name of your group to something like this. “YOUR PRODUCT – Special Offer 50% Discount 24 Hours Only”

Obviously you will create the new name so that it is relative to your offer. As soon as you save the new group name all of the group members will get a notification, the notification will tell all of the group members about your special offer. The ones interested in your offer will click the notification. They will then be redirected to the group where they see the special offer header and the top post linking to your special offer sales page.

This is one of the fastest most effective ways to drive traffic from your Facebook group to your sales pages. Remember you can always change the name back to its original after your special offer has ended.

Don`t do this trick too often or people will get fed up with the notifications, but doing this twice a month should be fine.

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