Should I use a facebook account for my business or a facebook page

It is quite often very tempting to open up a facebook account in your business name and there are plenty of people that do it.

I will now go into the advantages and disadvantages of this practice. Business facebook accounts are generally against facebooks terms of service.

Facebook only allow accounts or profiles of real people using there real legal name.

So unless your main name on your account is your own name and you set your nickname as your business name then you will be running a high risk of getting your account closed down.

The other disadvantages of a business account is the fact that you are limited to 5000 friends on the account plus followers where as if you create a facebook business page there is no limit to the amount of people who may interact with it or like the page.

An advantage of a facebook business account over a page is that you can send friends requests to potential customers where as with a page you must first friend the potential customer from a real facebook account and then invite them to like your business page.  As you can imagine that can be quite a long winded and low profit method.

An advantage of a business page over a business account t is that you can use Facebook ads to get your page in front of millions of potential customers. With a facebook business profile you can not use ads to add friends.

My ultimate answer to the question should we use a facebook page or a facebook account to promote our business is this…

Use both.

Your facebook business accounts should be used to get targeted friends and then promote your business page to your friends.

Use the business page because it will never be locked,  restricted or closed.

So the business page is the long term investment and the business profiles should be used as a means of page promotion knowing that one day they will be locked.

This is perhaps not a method that facebook would approve of though it is effective.

Using Facebook ads is the fastest way to grow a following on a business facebook page though it is possible that the advertising fees could cost you more than your page will ever earn for you.

Either way it is also very important to maintain an active page and share great content that gets interaction.  The more interaction your page gets the more it’s content will be delivered in the news feed of the people who like the page.

With facebook success breeds success and low interaction is failior.  Failing is almost impossible to return from with a page.

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