Should You Buy Facebook Followers or Friends

Facebook is the number one place online to get your self noticed and Facebook followers are the number one thing that anyone needs to get their posts seen by the masses.

Facebook have limited the number of friends that you can have to 5000, though the number of followers that you can have is limitless. If you buy Facebook friends and accept too many requests in a short space of time then your account will be locked which makes buying Facebook friends a risky business if you buy from an irresponsible service.

Buying Facebook followers leaves you in no danger of losing your Facebook account and here is the reason why. You are responsible for accepting friend requests and they are under your control as to how many you accept. If Facebook thinks that you are not playing fairly they will lock your account subject to identity checks meaning that you will have to either submit your identification documents for review or you will have to identify images of your friends by name to re open your account.

If you buy Facebook followers however, a follower chooses to follow you and you do not choose to be followed by them. This means that followers are out of your control. If something is out of your control then you can not be held responsible for it or punished for it.

This law of the jungle means that you are free to buy as many Facebook followers as you wish in as shorter amount of time as you wish with no risk to your account at all. It is deemed to be unethical to buy followers, friends or page likes though the fact of the matter is that Facebook its self even sells page likes via its ads service. The delivery system of Facebook followers is the power of suggestion. You are merely suggested as someone to be followed, it is the choice of the individual as to if they actually follow you or not.

When you buy Facebook followers your account is suggested to thousands of people as someone to be followed and a certain amount of them will make the choice to actually follow you, There is nothing unethical about suggestion.

The best way to get your message out to the masses is to buy thousands of Facebook followers who will see your posts in the same way as your friends do. You can alter your Facebook settings so that followers can like share and comment on your posts in the same way as friends. Followers are the way to get your Facebook account into a position where your posts go viral and your message gets heard.

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