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Facebook group members swap service is the fastest way to get Facebook group members free. So how does it work.

How to swap Facebook Group Members

Firstly you need to have facebook friends. If you have grown a group then the chances are you have a lot of facebook friends. And you are going to need them.

How it works is someone adds say 500 members to your group and you add 500 members to their group in return. This means that you can turn 500 Facebook friends into 5000 Facebook group members for free just by doing 10 member swaps.

How do Facebook group members swaps work

Firstly you need to be in contact with a facebook group owner like yourself who wants to grow their group. Then you simply agree how many members that you want to share and then start adding to each others groups. Using the adder software that I am about to give to you.

When you add using the adder software you get no bans at all and you simply both start at the same time and stop at the same time. So there is no way for anyone to con anyone at all here. Just a fair exchange of Facebook group members.

Who can you exchange facebook group members with.

Thats the easy part. You can simply join the SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP called Facebook Group Members Exchange and find people that you would like to exchange with and comment on their posts to let them know that you are interested.

You may also post on the group in order to let others know that you are interested in swapping members and let other people comment on your posts with requests to swap.

Join The Group Here

How to add Group members

To do this effectively you will need to use a chrome plugin. Simply add this plugin to your chrome browser and use the ADD FRIENDS TO GROUP part of it.

Set the delay between adding 2 members to the group to 3 seconds and you will never be banned. Also you can find the group ID by using the ID Extractor in the plugin its self

Simple Steps

Join This Group Here

Add this plugin To Chrome

Start group member swapping


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