The History Of Facebook And Modern Applications For Business

Facebook was created by a Harvard student and first released in Feb 2004. At first the website was limited access to only students at the Harvard university but by popular demand it was soon released to other universities in the area for students to join.

The website spread like wild fire and within 2 years almost every person over the age of 13 who lived in the USA and Canada had a Facebook Account.

By the end of 2007 Facebook was valued at a huge $15 Billion and Microsoft actually invested $240 million in only a 1.6% share of Facebook. The value of Facebook is based on its potential to get the attention of a vast amount of people and promote adverts to them.

Facebook For Marketers

Facebook can be used by internet marketers and businesses, There are many ways available to promote your brand with Facebook. Facebook Pages, Facebook groups for communities, and general Facebook profiles for local promotion to friends.

Facebook has become one of the fastest and most effective ways to get your message out to the masses, from having a Facebook business page to a local for sales group, you have so many opportunities to promote yourself its just crazy.

  1. Creating a local for sales group and advertising your your local business is on option, you can create a local for sale group and add all of your friends, get them to add their friends and you will be surprised how quickly it takes off. Then you simply need to create a good ad banned to use as your header image in your group advertising your products and services that will be seen by anyone who decides to advertise in your Facebook group and by anyone who looks through the classifieds. That is why we suggest a LOCAL FOR SALES GROUP.
  2. Creating a business Facebook page and promoting it with Facebook ads. A business Facebook page can be used for brand recognition in it sself and for product promotion in its content. Getting page likes can be achieved by using Facebook ads.
  3. Using Facebook ads to deliver traffic to your website. As the idea suggests you simply need an advertising account and a website.

Facebook is an essential part of any business in 2016 and beyond and is the perfect way to get recognition to your products and your brand. There are many things that you must learn to be able to successfully use Facebook as a source of customers to your business but the journey can be very exciting.

When using Facebook ads always stick within your daily spending limits and consider A / B split testing on landing pages.

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